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Football is hopefully fair. Yoga has the most important, meaningful ahimsa- tradition - do not hurt: This could also concern here so called strange advertising, even spam.

Yoga-Wiki stoped, now one has to apply in advance für further text-contributions. This is also - a little barriere - for contributions of less self conscious otherwise handicapped (depression etc..) persons, in the meaning of determination.

Before: Of course - you and also really interested readers might definitely value your ads. This is instead supposed to be a yoga-wiki...Football differs a lot from yoga - still fairness such as ahimsa (see abouve) belong to both of them as main points.

Even professional football is training Yoga-Asanas. "It seems that yoga is losing its image of being a girls sport(...)", p.ex see: [1]

Training Swamis in a typical outfit might concentrate - staring just at a lonely played football.

Many fairness and literacy campains (p.ex.:)[2] are connected to football-projects, such as the word homeless cup. 2011 Niimmo Bassey spoke the keynote there, saying such as: "The world needs universal literacy. This requires going beyond learning to read and write. It will involve among other things socio-environmental literacy. (..) [3] India, see: [4]

The word homeless cup is another prominent way to support with Football.

Poor children are playing without shoes - better start for yoga, at least perhaps...

A child kicks his ball to the weather, calling: "Take that, you rain! Take that, you clowds! All what makes life grey - take that." Just as a Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutation in Hatha Yoga (Readers Digest Mai 2010, German Version, p. 112 quoting the organisation "Playsoccer"[5]).

The prominent book-author on angels etc. the christian monk Anselm Grün has already seen children in difficult life circumstances: talking friendly not only to Teddybears, but also to his ball - and in fact the child means to consolate him or herself.

Religion?: (...) that ...(eventually to translate)..p. ex.: das Entscheidende nicht von seinem Können abhängt, sondern von einer Art himmlischen Regie, der Ball ins Netz rein geht, ist immer irgendwie ein Wunder. (..) Bhakti, Selbstüberwindung zum Guten. Zugleich, daß es nicht nur von mir abhängt, ob mein Leben gelingt (...) viele Wettkampfsportler sind gläubige Menschen und zeigen es auch in großen Höhen und Tiefen, öffentlich (vgl.Karl Wallner: Wer glaubt wird selig. Bergisch-Gladbach: Lübbe, 2009, S. 233f)

  • Fußball: long german version with more details - and often English links concerning world wide projects: football and ...

"Football for development" differs from " (for physical fitness)", see p. ex. [6]

See also

Other details [7] mantra-chantings, videos for gratuit on your Internet [8]

P.Ex. :"A Beautiful New Video about the School" [9]; starting with ball game /Omkareshwar (since 2001); for extremely poor population collecting sponsoring. [10]

General background Yoga Vidya, eventually: [11]

Also Swami Sivananda, see [12], used to train his physical body besides asana... all alone playing a ball (eventually against a wall... with an old rather tennis-racket?). In his - see: last link - tradition on a very main perhaps with changing pictures homepage, the "International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres" show children in ball-game (end of Oct. 2011)...

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